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Tree Soldier Book Sarah M. Flors

"Sarah M. Flores' picture book for children, Tree Soldier, is an enchanting fable that illustrates how the love within a home is what makes it special, not the grandness of size. Billy's walk with Tree Soldier helps him realize that, and gives him an enhanced appreciation for his siblings and parents. Maksym Stasiuk's illustrations are masterful. Each drawing is richly detailed, and the colors are bright and glowing. His drawings of Tree Soldier make this fabulous being come alive. Sometimes, it's tempting to think that life would be better if you have more toys or a bigger yard. Tree Soldier illustrates how that is not always the case. Tree Soldier is highly recommended." 5 Stars! -Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorites

"Tree Soldier is a super-cute story with a beautiful moral for kids of all ages. The story is told in a delightful rhyming fashion and the illustrations are eye catching, colorful and engaging. Beautiful work from Sarah M. Flores. As a childcare worker and a mother of three, I would love to have this book in my home and would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a good, strong, moral picture book." 5 Stars! -Patricia Bell, Readers' Favorites

"When I saw Sarah M. Flores' book title, Tree Soldier, my attention was captured. The illustrations by Maksym Stasiuk enhanced the appeal. I was not disappointed. Each picture is stunning and the story is written in an AABB rhyming style, great for small children and their parents alike." 5 Stars! -Ashley Tetzlaff, Reader's Favorites

Customer Reviews

This message is relevant to what children and families need to hear In this age of technology overload. Captivating illustrations and inspiring story! —Lucinda Thomas, Author

Great book for a much needed, clear message we can all use for our kids...it makes use of today’s distractions, as a means to teach a lesson. It is also a reminder to all of us parents that our true wealth and the deserving attention lies right in front of us. —Kivanc D.

Tree Soldier, written by Sarah M. Flores, is a combination of lyrics and a deep, essential meaning for families. As Billy mopes around the house looking for more "things" to keep him entertained, he decides to venture outside and meets up with a Tree Soldier who watches over the homes in the neighborhood. During their journey together, Billy is able to see the differences in the various homes and the importance of families interacting with one another instead of just filling their time with things. —BeckyReads

I really love this book. I purchased this from Barns and Noble to read to my three year old Granddaughter. She loves it and the illustrations are beautiful. The story line is so current. I can't wait to get the Author to sign my copy!! Five stars !!!! —Gayle Farber

Our whole family enjoyed following Billy as he learned a valuable lesson. What a delightful book! Our whole family enjoyed following Billy as he learned a valuable lesson. The illustrations were beautiful! A must read for all ages. —Pat

This was such a sweet & lovely book. My niece absolutely loves this one!! —Misty

What a wonderful book for kids in this age of electronics. Books like this help my kids understand that it’s not about what you have but about who you have to share your life with. —Kirsten L.

This book is wonderful. Very cute. BUT, I’d really like to talk about how beautiful it looks on the shelf! It is sooooooo pretty! I have it displayed with my son’s prettiest books that make me feel good to look at. I tried to just keep it as a decoration!
It is really great. Brava, to the author and illustrator. Every child should have this book. My 2 year old son LOVES it!💕 —Natalie

Tree Soldier is a such a wonderful and delightful book with amazing illustrations! It really sends a truly powerful message straight from the heart!
(I recieved an early advanced reader's copy and this is my honest opinion about Tree Soldier.) —TandS