Sarah M. Flores was born in Houston, Texas, to a fun-loving, karate-chopping mother, and to a guitar-playing, education-loving mailman father. Growing up, she spent equal time practicing flips and kicks and kicking butt in spelling bees. She has two talented and protective brothers who taught her how to throw (and block) a punch.


After earning a public relations degree at the University of Houston, she decided to walk a more creative and stimulating path, so she started an online relationship advice column while freelance editing and writing on the side. This advice column was her soul-satisfying hobby, and she continued answering those questions for over six years. Over time, her writing and editing passion took over, and she turned editing into a full-time gig as the owner of Write Down the Line, LLC, while raising a little girl with her supportive and dapper husband.


She's written two children's books, Tree Soldier and If Animals Could Wish, and her first young adult fiction novel will be available in 2019.

Sarah lives outside of Houston with her husband, their two four-legged girls, Butters and Peanut, and their beautiful and brilliant two-legged little girl, Makena, who was named after the Maui beach on which they were married.

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Interview by Jedlie of the Reading With Your Kids Podcast.