"I worked so long and hard on my first nonfiction book (11 months and 3 weeks, to be exact), and Sarah’s edit turned it into the book that I envisioned. I appreciate her hard work, constant contact, and understanding of all of the concerns I had. She pushed me to really open up and add more story to my story. I KNOW I wasn’t the easiest person to work with, so I’m thankful that she stuck with me and coached me through the revisions. It meant a lot. To anyone in need of a book editor: I highly recommend Sarah. Not only was I lucky enough to find a great editor, but I also feel like I made a friend."                                                                                                   — P. Nichols, Author​

​​​"Sarah Flores is one of the most talented, professional, and gifted writers I have ever met.  She's professional, educated, and most of all compassionate, which speaks volumes in regards to her career. I have worked with many writers through the years and she's the best."

— Angela Hairston, Chicago, IL

I just want to thank you for your excellent job in editing my story and taking the time to guide me in the wording of the text. It has enhanced my story to another level.  I will definitely be calling on you again.  It is one thing to have the skill in editing a story, but it’s a rare person to have the patience and willingness to work with another in order to give them a sense of completion in their writing.Thank you."   

— Emma Walker, Macon, GA

I was shopping around for an editor for my manuscript, but I wasn't trying to spend a fortune. I was comparing prices from one editor to the next. I saw Sarah's prices and they seemed very reasonable. She looked like a nice person. I took a chance and called her. Not only was she a nice person, but she made me feel like my manuscript was important to her. She has very good communication skills. She's very personable and I truly feel that's what makes her special. She's very professional, and she informs you about the legal aspects of writing as well. I would recommend Sarah Flores to anyone who's trying to get any type of writing completed. I think my main problem was having several characters in one room all talking to one another, and Sarah showed me how to make that happen. I think she's a thoughtful, insightful, writer and editor, with a very promising career. Thank you Sarah for your time and patience.

—Dwayne Redmond, Author


Thank you for editing my website!  I can obviously build a website, but I’m NOT a grammar wiz.  I knew it needed some changes, but I didn't know where it needed it. If I can finally read it and understand the point I’m trying to get across, I know it makes more sense to my visitors too. (I’m hoping I get more of those now.)  Thanks again!!"    

— Ron G., Houston, TX

​"Sarah is a professional who is blessed with high standards and graciously accepts all assignments for our magazine, Augusta Pines Life. She understands the goals of each project and returns her articles on deadline or before. I find Sarah a pleasure to work with and look forward to her continued success as a professional writer. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in using her writing skills."    

— Dianne Tantillo, The Woodlands, TX

"Sarah's level of commitment is excellent. She delivers high quality writing that is written with absolute clarity. The style in which she wrote was customized to meet my company's needs, and we thank her greatly for her assistance in these complicated projects. Her patience was also greatly appreciated."

— Anne Hunter, Houston, TX

"I hired Sarah to assist in writing a technical document for my business, and then to fully edit it afterward. I was absolutely impressed with her skills. Her work was extremely thorough, quickly done, and she caught inaccuracies that could have easily been missed. Her work was of great value, and I highly recommend her."

— Chris Mann, Dallas, TX


I wanted to thank you for your advice, it has helped me immensely. I wake up in the morning without the dreaded feeling of self-judgment. I’m beginning to love and honor who I am and all that I’ve gone through. I guess I didn’t realize I can choose to be happy and to forgive myself. Through your guidance you have helped me realize that I have a choice."     

— Anonymous

"Sometimes its hard to press forward, but you're right...If God gave me the strength to survive and fight, he will give me the ability to "Be Loved". I guess, I wondered what others think, because though you may not know what it's like to have gone through my disease, I have no idea what its like to be loved wholeheartedly by a man. I will run with your words and continue my journey through life, But I will do it with Style, Class and Always a Smile!"    

—  Anonymous

"Your advice seriously changed my life...now, I'm living the dream with the man I was supposed to marry! I secretly love you soooo much for this, and always will. It was the right advice when I needed it. Give yourself a hug...you deserve it. I never could talk to anyone because it was so embarrassing, that's why your site was the perfect place. I bet more people read it then you know."    


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